This is me

So I’m new to this and I’m not really sure what I’m doing. I’m hoping that this works I have always tried to keep a journal or diary what ever you want to call it and it never worked. And for only being nineteen I have been through a lot and my friends all say I’m good at giving advice. So this is not a blog about one set thing this is a blog about the life of an average nineteen year old living in society and healing with what is thrown her way. So for a background I am the oldest out of five children. I have a younger brother Austin who is fifteen, Alyssa who is seven, and Brenna who is five. Ever since Brenna was little we called her Moe because her hair always looked like a Mohawk even when we would brush it down. Then my two parents Harry and Andrea and my wonderful and amazing boyfriend Archie who is twenty. I now am living back at home with my parents, I wasn’t always I had my own apartment with Archie. Obviously that did not work out at all, as you can tell. That is a while new story that I will leave for another blog. But if no one were to read this blog or some do and do not like it that is okay with me. This is the blog about my crazy, confusing, weird and messed up life, but I wouldn’t change it for the world well I wouldn’t change everything. This is my story and my life and how I am making it through.


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