My “crappy” weekend, literally.

So since I last wrote a lot has happened, like my sewer being backed up all weekend and not being able to use water, shower, or our toilets all weekend. Which was a huge inconvenience to everyone is the house, we were taking buckets of water out from our tub from trying to get showers or baths for my sister’s. We couldn’t let the water drain or flush toilets or we had a pool in our basement. Of course we have a landlord that is cheap and will try to go the cheapest route in everything. And to make it worse we are neighbor’s, we live in a half a double and this is his first property he has owned. Well he likes to fix his side up and ours hasn’t been fixed or even touched by him since we were affected by the 2011 flood. We need new window because when it is windy, air races into our home. We have tried putting plastic up but that can be ripped from the pane of the Windows and won’t stay, we have stapled, taped and used a shrink wrap type thing. None have worked and he had brand new Windows put in his side and when my father asked if we would be getting new Windows as well our landlord said that he couldn’t do any work to our house unless he raises rent. So as you can see we are really in a jam and things are becoming harder. We also have black mold growing in our bathroom and we have told him and asked him repeatedly to fix it and we brought it up when he bought the house and he said he would fix it, three years ago. My mother has been sick for two months now and we are thinking it’s from the black mold but we can’t be certain. So we are trying to do what we can to take care of it but nothing is working. So now out sewer has been backed up three times since September. He had a plumber come and he said if this happens again we would need the pipe replaced. Well when this happened our landlord said he wouldn’t call a plumber until Monday so he doesn’t have to pay emergency fees. Well Monday rolled around and he called the plumber and the plumber said he couldn’t be here until Friday. So our landlord took it into his own hands and was down in the basement trying it himself, which we now can use our toilets and shower without having to take buckets full of water from the tub. Although it is fixed he didn’t do the seal correctly so it still leaks nasty sewer water, but we can use out bathrooms once again. So you could say this was one crazy weekend running to the store or a neighbours to use the rest room, or taking buckets of nasty sewer water from the basement or tub, and trying to get showers. I’m happy it is finally fixed and I have the freedom to use the bathroom when I want or to get a shower when I want again. So never take being able to get a shower whenever you want or to use your own bathroom for granit. Well considering it 4 a.m. I better go to bed, goodnight.


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