Not my parents, my mother.

So I am not taking my depression medicine for the weekend, due to having nausea. Although there is a twenty four hour stomach bug going around so I’m off the meds until Monday and if me feeling like carp it from the meds then I get to switch or just try it for two weeks and see if it gets any better. I don’t think I should be on the meds because if I wanted to feel nausea all the time like a pregnancy may have, I would go get pregnant. But I don’t so I would rather switch meds and not feel pregnant, and no there is no possible way I’m pregnant. First off got blood work done and nothing came back and I know for a fact it’s impossible, so I think I’m good. But that was not what I wanted to talk about, I want to talk about my mom. Don’t get me wrong I love her to death but sometimes I’m fairly sure she is bipolar. She snaps for no reason and gets mad at me about everything. It’s crazy I’m not sure if I can handle it anymore, I really don’t think I can. So tonight I go over to my neighbors house to smoke a cigarette with them because they are great people. Well I went over after eleven pm and came back at eleven forty five pm. I just got in trouble for being there to long. I just don’t get it I have moved out of my parents house and lived with my boyfriend and yes I may be home now but I am still an adult and shouldn’t be treated this way. She treats me like I’m a child and then wonders why I get an attitude with her when she gets snippy with me or starts to complain to me about being at the neighbor’s. One minute she is fine and then the next minute she is in a bad mood, she can be put into a bad mood so easily and its hard. Being around her is like walking on egg wheels or walking in a field with thousands of land mines, which is a perfect analogy since you have to be careful what you say. If you say the wrong thing to her BOOM!! Your done for, she will rip into with no remorse or hesitation. It can be very bad depending on what you said or did to start it and what you say or do while she is yelling at you. I don’t know if I really can do this anymore, I really don’t. It’s difficult I don’t know if anyone reading this has a parent or parents like this but, if you do and need help I’m here or if you have tips for me HELP!!! But until then stay classy 🙂


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