Well for all those who believe in God, don’t read this. I know there are many people who do and that’s fine. I on the other hand do not, if there is a “God” then that person has taken everyone in my life that has done good, someone that I looked up too. I can honest say I don’t believe in “God” an  that an opinion, and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I recently watched a show that had one episode about God and it made me mad. Everyone makes “God” out to be this great person, a saint. If “God” is such a saint why are there children dying in pain from horrible deaths and in pain? Why take the people who are trying to do good in the world? I know when I die there will be no heaven for me, I have made bad choices and there are things I regret  and I don’t believe. I have come to the realization and accepted my fate. When I die I don’t know what will happen if there is a heaven or he’ll or just eternal darkness or just nothing. I want to believe in heaven so I can see my loved ones that were ripped from me to quickly. I want to be with my grandfather and spend time with him where I can remember everything. I want to see him and not be an ignorant child. I took him for granted, I was a child and didn’t appreciate things like that. I just can not bring myself to believe in something so trivial to me. I can’t hope for something I do nog know for certain. I will not spend my life worshipping a person or figment of our imagination just to get an afterlife or the concept everyone thinks there is one. I will not bend down to someone that may not be certain, just someone from stories that I grew up with. Someone I feel have taken the most precious things in my life. I don’t not believe in something that people spend their whole lives worshipping and in the end we do not know if it was worth it. I can volunteer and help my community without worshipping “God” or a higher power. The power is in ourselves to make a difference, we should not do it because we think after death we will see pearl hates and then be granted eternal life. I live my life in the moment and to the fullest, not in the shadow of a man that is no better than us. Like I said it’s just my opinion if you believe in him so be it, I’m not here to judge. It’s your life not mine. In the end of the day I’m happy for my parents, sisters, brother, family friends, and my boyfriend. Not someone I have never seen or even know if he is real. I will not bow.


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