So I just got a new lizard which I am completely and totally excited about! He or she is a giant mountain horned lizard which sounds awesome on its own. I did not just get Godzilla because his name was awesome, I did my research he is a pretty docile lizard. I read online that mhl’s (mountain horned lizards) like to climb and be at the highest point in their cages or on whom ever is holding them. Which I got Godzilla tonight from petco and the worker warned that they do not handle their pets and that he would not be very good to hold until we get him used to it. Well my lizard is okay to hold, he would rather be held then put into his cage. Which I think is awesome, and I read online they like to be on your shoulder and once they are comfortable there they may move to the top of your head. Well Godzilla sat on my shoulder for like two minutes then moved to my head. So like petco and what I read from the internet he is a very curious and does love to be at the highest point. He is definitely one awesome little lizard, he is a baby right now once he is full grown he will b 10-12 inches long. Which is awesome and the person from petco said I could get a little leash and take him for a walk once he’s full grown! I’m excited for that and hope I truly can, it would be awesome to be in my yard or what not with a lizard on a leash. Well I’ll post some pictures and keep updating about my lizard. 🙂



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