Break ups.

So my boyfriend of almost three years has just broken up with me. I know some can say you will get back together or maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I see where those people are coming from. The place I’m coming from is where I was happy. I had an amazing boyfriend, great family, some truly loyal friends, and my life was getting back on track. Then I pushed the person I love most away and now I have to pay for that. I do love Archie and I will miss him, maybe I was never meant to have him I’ll never know. What I do know is that I have to keep moving forward. I will live my life with or without him. I’m no longer the victim, I’m no longer alone, I an me and that’s all I need. Archie is the best thing that has happened to me and I messed up a lot but he still loved me. Now we have grown..apart I guess. He asked me if I can honestly say I love myself, my answer was yes. I do love myself so I’m not going to beat myself up. I love him more than I love myself yes, but sometimes you need to put yourself first and I finally am. I will miss him dearly and yes I want him back but I don’t think that are in my cards tonight, but you never know what tomorrow brings. Who know I might get my knight in tin foil back, I may not. That is up to us and yea I said knight in tin foil and not in shining armor. That is because he doesn’t need shining armor for me to love him he would dress in tin foil to show me he was my knight, which he is. Maybe one day he will realize I was the one..maybe not. But until then this chick is single and I may not be okay with it but, I will survive.


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