So..It’s been a minute…

So it has been quite a while since I have posted. So my life has literally been, crazy, for lack of a better term. My life has gone through some very weird and drastic changes. I was with a guy for almost five years, we got a dog and he was my baby. Unfortunately,we broke up and he took my pup… that was devastating. It was partially my fault that we split though, I wanted to be twenty one and drink, and party. Well i caught feelings for a guy I shouldn’t have. I work at a truck stop you see, and I became friends with some drivers from different companies. Well I became friends with another driver from the same company, and he hung out with another driver a lot. Well we all started to chill together and, well him and I started spending time together, a lot of time together. I was lying to my family and my ex who still lived with me, saying I was going to a friends house when I actually went to him. I was the one who said first “No feelings, just friends.” Well that was dumb of me, but I found out now that he left the company that I was just a friend, barely that. That hurts to say, he was there for me when I needed someone.I am normally the one there for everyone else, so that was a nice change. Now he is gone, and we barely talk. I told him I caught feelings and he just said don’t,he was the wrong guy. I wish I would of told him in person but I never got the chance, he was gone and I never got to say goodbye. I’m moving on slowly though, which is weird I normally move on quick. So now I spend my time literally working and getting over my ex and that driver. I do miss my ex he was my first love, i thought we were soulmates. Obviously, we are not or we could be I don’t know,but I honestly doubt it. So now it has been some time and I’m trying to find someone who i can text all day, cuddle with, someone to tell all my news too, and someone to be there with me or be there for when either of us needs it. Which most guys I know are just not what I want in a guy. I started to fall for that driver, I liked the person he was, he had a beautiful soul and I knew he has gone through a lot and is damaged but so am I. We clicked, at least I thought we did I guess I was wrong. Okay, so I am ranting so I believe it is time for bed. There is so much more going on but not enough time in a day to write all of until next time, stay classy.




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