Well it’s been awhile…again

So since the last time I have wrote, just like in my last post my life has changed drastically again. I guess that’s what my life has been going a lot all of this year. I have gone from heartbroken and devastated, to moving out of my parents, facing life completely on my own for the first time ever, losing my job, very quickly losing everything I worked so hard for two years to get, to slowly making it back to paying my bills, and even being madly in love again and being honestly happy.

So yea let’s start out where I left off that whole thing about the truck driver, yea I was messed up from a combination of things, buttttt we are really just friends. He I said now dating this beautiful woman who has two beautiful girls. And I’m honestly happy for him he deserves it.

So back to me again, I move down out of my parents (again I have to add) in May. That is when I realized that I am battling life on my own, bills, food, rent…all of that was strictly me. That was overwhelming I’m not going to lie, and I may have not taken the best road to survive but hey! I’m still here now aren’t I? With saying that to cope with my stress and all that fun stuff I started to smoke pot, weed, ganja, reefer, or whatever’s you call it. Well until oct then I stopped but it wasn’t soon enough.

I was getting promoted finally to shift leader at my job at loves and they had to do a urine test. No big deal well even though I quit a month and a week or two prior I still didn’t pass. Then I was fired with pretty much no chance of getting my job back. I went almost a month without a job and that hurt finally I started to work at Amazon in hazleton. The entire time though I had weekly car payments that I needed to pay and I only had one last check from loves.

So I definitely went through a bit here pay here to get my car since I had literally no credit score prior. Well they were…hmmmm not sure how to put it. They were understanding for the most part, unless I talked to my account manager Andrew. He was let’s just say not so pleasant to deal with and wouldn’t work with me. Well finally I landed a job where my father works and it’s a lot closer than the hour drive one way to Amazon.

So where though along not having a job, Amazon, and my current job I started to date my best friend. I honestly mean my best friend, I have known him since middle school and we were best friends throughout high school and even after graduation. I mean we did lose touch here or there but if one of us reached out to the other we were there. Which honestly this turned out better than I could of hoped. It has been a little over a month we have been together and i have never been this happy. He truly makes me happy, imagine that! I though that my ex made me happy. Boy was I ever so wrong. Well I’m writing this sitting in the emergency room waiting for his X-rays but so I should probably go. Hopefully it’s nothing to serious! I will try to write again soon until then don’t ever forget…stay classy my friends đŸ’‹


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