Well it’s been awhile…again

So since the last time I have wrote, just like in my last post my life has changed drastically again. I guess that’s what my life has been going a lot all of this year. I have gone from heartbroken and devastated, to moving out of my parents, facing life completely on my own for the first time ever, losing my job, very quickly losing everything I worked so hard for two years to get, to slowly making it back to paying my bills, and even being madly in love again and being honestly happy.

So yea let’s start out where I left off that whole thing about the truck driver, yea I was messed up from a combination of things, buttttt we are really just friends. He I said now dating this beautiful woman who has two beautiful girls. And I’m honestly happy for him he deserves it.

So back to me again, I move down out of my parents (again I have to add) in May. That is when I realized that I am battling life on my own, bills, food, rent…all of that was strictly me. That was overwhelming I’m not going to lie, and I may have not taken the best road to survive but hey! I’m still here now aren’t I? With saying that to cope with my stress and all that fun stuff I started to smoke pot, weed, ganja, reefer, or whatever’s you call it. Well until oct then I stopped but it wasn’t soon enough.

I was getting promoted finally to shift leader at my job at loves and they had to do a urine test. No big deal well even though I quit a month and a week or two prior I still didn’t pass. Then I was fired with pretty much no chance of getting my job back. I went almost a month without a job and that hurt finally I started to work at Amazon in hazleton. The entire time though I had weekly car payments that I needed to pay and I only had one last check from loves.

So I definitely went through a bit here pay here to get my car since I had literally no credit score prior. Well they were…hmmmm not sure how to put it. They were understanding for the most part, unless I talked to my account manager Andrew. He was let’s just say not so pleasant to deal with and wouldn’t work with me. Well finally I landed a job where my father works and it’s a lot closer than the hour drive one way to Amazon.

So where though along not having a job, Amazon, and my current job I started to date my best friend. I honestly mean my best friend, I have known him since middle school and we were best friends throughout high school and even after graduation. I mean we did lose touch here or there but if one of us reached out to the other we were there. Which honestly this turned out better than I could of hoped. It has been a little over a month we have been together and i have never been this happy. He truly makes me happy, imagine that! I though that my ex made me happy. Boy was I ever so wrong. Well I’m writing this sitting in the emergency room waiting for his X-rays but so I should probably go. Hopefully it’s nothing to serious! I will try to write again soon until then don’t ever forget…stay classy my friends 💋


So..It’s been a minute…

So it has been quite a while since I have posted. So my life has literally been, crazy, for lack of a better term. My life has gone through some very weird and drastic changes. I was with a guy for almost five years, we got a dog and he was my baby. Unfortunately,we broke up and he took my pup… that was devastating. It was partially my fault that we split though, I wanted to be twenty one and drink, and party. Well i caught feelings for a guy I shouldn’t have. I work at a truck stop you see, and I became friends with some drivers from different companies. Well I became friends with another driver from the same company, and he hung out with another driver a lot. Well we all started to chill together and, well him and I started spending time together, a lot of time together. I was lying to my family and my ex who still lived with me, saying I was going to a friends house when I actually went to him. I was the one who said first “No feelings, just friends.” Well that was dumb of me, but I found out now that he left the company that I was just a friend, barely that. That hurts to say, he was there for me when I needed someone.I am normally the one there for everyone else, so that was a nice change. Now he is gone, and we barely talk. I told him I caught feelings and he just said don’t,he was the wrong guy. I wish I would of told him in person but I never got the chance, he was gone and I never got to say goodbye. I’m moving on slowly though, which is weird I normally move on quick. So now I spend my time literally working and getting over my ex and that driver. I do miss my ex he was my first love, i thought we were soulmates. Obviously, we are not or we could be I don’t know,but I honestly doubt it. So now it has been some time and I’m trying to find someone who i can text all day, cuddle with, someone to tell all my news too, and someone to be there with me or be there for when either of us needs it. Which most guys I know are just not what I want in a guy. I started to fall for that driver, I liked the person he was, he had a beautiful soul and I knew he has gone through a lot and is damaged but so am I. We clicked, at least I thought we did I guess I was wrong. Okay, so I am ranting so I believe it is time for bed. There is so much more going on but not enough time in a day to write all of that..so until next time, stay classy.



Halloween :)

As it progresses further into September I have realized that I am getting more and more excited for Halloween. As it approaches I think about the ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween. I know they are not scary movies but them are some pretty great ones. One of my favorites is Halloween Town, well pretty much all four movies.


This movie is fairly older and I don’t know what it is about the movie but I absolutely love it. It makes me think what a town like Halloween Town would really be like and how amazing that would be to live there. I know many say there are no such things as ghost, ghouls, and goblins, but it is nice to imagine. As you can all tell Halloween is my favorite holiday, to me though it’s not about the candy we use to get when we were children but the memories. Also going to haunted houses, picking out a pumpkin and carving it, decorating the porch, and dressing up. No matter what age Halloween is enjoyed by many different age groups. Where like Christmas where most middle class or poverty stricken families hate because as a society we have changed that holiday into received or giving gifts. The holiday is no longer about sharing it with family but buying things for others. Where in Halloween you do not have to worry about that. Yes, costumes are expensive but some of the best costumes I have seen were ones made at home not store bought. I for one will reuse my old costumes and just switch every year or I make my own. I will not spend money on a costume I can only wear one or two times a year, but some will. I am the one who will do all out decorating my own place with spooky and scary stuff but I am not waste that on a costume. Although Halloween is an amazing time of year I also love what also comes with Halloween.  The hay rides you go on and drinking warm Apple cider and watching the leaves change colors. Many say the leaves changing is them dying but what I see is transformation into something even more beautiful. I know that the leaves are dying but it is the same thing as humans go through. We enter the world and transform into children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Once it is our time we die and make room for another human being to live their life. The leaves are the same concept, they die but once winter is complete and spring time is here New leaves begin to grow and so the cycle repeats.


So as September comes closer and closer to an end I am already plotting what to do this Halloween…should I just relax and decorate or go to some haunted houses? If you vote haunted houses how about so ideas around Pennsylvania please? 🙂

Well hello, again!

So I see here I have not written in a while and I have many valid points as to why I haven’t but no one wants to hear those. So I am here just to give an update and now with my new open time I can start to do this whole “blog experience”. So since I have last spoken I have moved out of my parents twice lived with my boyfriend´s dad and evil step mother. Oops I’m sorry I mean to say step mother. That was….interesting we could say. Once they kicked us out back to my parents it was. Then left again (family issues aka “me”) and lived in a truck for three weeks, right across from my parents back yard. Now I am living in a beautiful huge house with my own bathroom and beautiful yard. It is just me and my boyfriend and our lovely new puppy Apollo. Okay so that was a lie, or an over exaggeration as I would say. It was all true till where we are living, yes we were “homeless” for some time. Now we are living with friends in their home and we do have a puppy named Apollo, sort of. He is still with our friend he is a few weeks shy of being able to leave. Once he comes of age he is ours to bring home though! Which as you can tell by the exclamation point I am a bit excited!!! (Those were just for fun (: ) My boyfriend is back at Applebees which sucks for him I do not miss working there but it is a paycheck so no complaints for me. I am slowly getting to a better place than I was previously. I know that sounds weird I had a loving family and boyfriend, a “secure” home, a good paying job, and almost no bills. Now I pay monthly rent, I could be kicked out for any reason I guess and I do not see my family as much. Although it seems to be a step back for me it is a step forward, well a few. I am now looking for my own apartment (again) and I will be getting a handsome little puppy. My life is slowly falling into place. Okay, I originally came to talk about being homeless but I will post another blog about that in its own that one will take a lot more room and I never want these to just be a wall of writing like some. Where is the fun in that? Oh right THERE IS NONE!! Considering my circumstances I may not be where I thought I would be back when I was in high school but for present day, it just shows you how much can change in such short time. It has only been two years since my high school graduation and this was not where I expected to be. With that in mind I am still happy where I am now I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could. This is my life and it maybe not be perfect but…I am happy.

Break ups.

So my boyfriend of almost three years has just broken up with me. I know some can say you will get back together or maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I see where those people are coming from. The place I’m coming from is where I was happy. I had an amazing boyfriend, great family, some truly loyal friends, and my life was getting back on track. Then I pushed the person I love most away and now I have to pay for that. I do love Archie and I will miss him, maybe I was never meant to have him I’ll never know. What I do know is that I have to keep moving forward. I will live my life with or without him. I’m no longer the victim, I’m no longer alone, I an me and that’s all I need. Archie is the best thing that has happened to me and I messed up a lot but he still loved me. Now we have grown..apart I guess. He asked me if I can honestly say I love myself, my answer was yes. I do love myself so I’m not going to beat myself up. I love him more than I love myself yes, but sometimes you need to put yourself first and I finally am. I will miss him dearly and yes I want him back but I don’t think that are in my cards tonight, but you never know what tomorrow brings. Who know I might get my knight in tin foil back, I may not. That is up to us and yea I said knight in tin foil and not in shining armor. That is because he doesn’t need shining armor for me to love him he would dress in tin foil to show me he was my knight, which he is. Maybe one day he will realize I was the one..maybe not. But until then this chick is single and I may not be okay with it but, I will survive.

Vet appointment.

So I took my amazing, yet lazy lizard Godzilla to the vet. I was really nervous I know he’s a new pet and along he’s part of the family now and I don’t want to see anything g happen to him. So back to the vet visit, they listened to his little lungs and heart and checked the color of the inside of his mouth. The verdict is…he’s healthy! I was so relieved to hear that and they gave me this special food to feed him for now. Which it kind of looks really gross, and the smell is like apple and banana baby throw up. Which if you have little kids or have watches them, it isn’t pleasant. There is one thing though he loves, so what can I do I have to give it to him. so the visit was an overall success but I did find out that all the crickets in his cage are not suppose to be there. Petco gave me twelve small crickets and the worker said just put them in the cage and he will eat them. Well that is so wrong, the crickets could actually start to eat him! ALIVE!!! I was so mad when the vet told me that. So after I got him home and back into his warm familiar home known as my room, I went cricket hunting. Yeah that’s right cricket hunting not rabbit, duck, deer, squirrel, or whatever you hunt I had to catch eleven baby crickets that were mighty fast and sneaky. They hide everywhere! Under the tree in the leaves under the water and good bowl. So for anyone that has to catch baby crickets in a cage good luck! Your gonna need it, they are smart little bugs! Okay so I just wanted to post and let whoever is following me Godzilla is fine and really healthy! And the vet calls him Rango because he looks like the Johnny Depp talking lizard, so maybe I names him not so much towards his looks, but hey when he grows up he could be one fierce looking mountain horned lizard. 🙂


So I just got a new lizard which I am completely and totally excited about! He or she is a giant mountain horned lizard which sounds awesome on its own. I did not just get Godzilla because his name was awesome, I did my research he is a pretty docile lizard. I read online that mhl’s (mountain horned lizards) like to climb and be at the highest point in their cages or on whom ever is holding them. Which I got Godzilla tonight from petco and the worker warned that they do not handle their pets and that he would not be very good to hold until we get him used to it. Well my lizard is okay to hold, he would rather be held then put into his cage. Which I think is awesome, and I read online they like to be on your shoulder and once they are comfortable there they may move to the top of your head. Well Godzilla sat on my shoulder for like two minutes then moved to my head. So like petco and what I read from the internet he is a very curious and does love to be at the highest point. He is definitely one awesome little lizard, he is a baby right now once he is full grown he will b 10-12 inches long. Which is awesome and the person from petco said I could get a little leash and take him for a walk once he’s full grown! I’m excited for that and hope I truly can, it would be awesome to be in my yard or what not with a lizard on a leash. Well I’ll post some pictures and keep updating about my lizard. 🙂